Wednesday 12 October 2011


Our little Cherub Chops having a rare nap! She really fights her daytime naps now but this time gave in and fell asleep on my lap. I very gently transferred her to the sofa, made myself a nice cuppa and just watched her sleeping. Sheer bliss!!

I ADORE Autumn! Such a lovely time of year, all snuggly and and sunny (if it isn't raining!). A pleasant hiatus before the harsher weather is upon us. We haven't turned that switch on yet(central heating) but I feel the time is getting near. I am hearing little groans from the men in the family, such wimps. I like the house cool and fresh so they will have to wait a while longer!

Autumn has arrived in our home and would like to share some of its little touches around and about our cottage!.

Ain't that the truth!


I recently bought these little pumpkins at a Craft and Vintage Fayre locally,cheap as chips but adorable! 

The little sugar bowl and milk jug, a little worn but it adds to the character!                                                                                                                                                                                                                         
The little condiment set, the spoon is missing but adore the little leaf they sit on. This was made in Germany.   

Scarecrow bear and his pumpkins! The little cart is an antique toy, very rustic and basic.

Dont look so worried Tallulah, you are here for keeps!

Love that cup and saucer, my Daughter and SIL bought it for me in France.

A lot of people would probably say that I am an old crow! Who cares! This little stool is very old, too rickety to sit or stand on but makes a lovely shelf!!

Had to include my favourite lamp, don't you just love those cups and saucers. Am I the only person who can't resist cupcake cases? Probably!

THE LAMP!! again

Very old scales and weights. Love these greeney blue pumpkins. Although my kitchen is quite modern (that is another story!) I do like to add an antique here and there like this little barley twist leg table.

Tomorrow we will move into the Lounge where natures paintbrush has again coloured our home.

p.s. I hope this all makes sense, suffering from Labyrinthitis at the mo and the world won't stop spinning!! xx

Melinda  – (12 October 2011 at 17:41)  

Looking quite fallish in your lovely home!
I wish I could get the decor bug in me.
Trying so hard though.

Can't wait to see more.


Shug  – (12 October 2011 at 23:20)  

You certainly have everything looking Fallish around your place! Fall is my favorite season and I think it's because of all the rich colors...

What a cute little doll!.. I love taking these kind of pictures of our little Mylee...however, she has started fighting her naps as well...


jill  – (13 October 2011 at 17:15)  

Hi,I have only just found you and loving your blog,your little stool looks lovely as a little shelf good idea.I also suffer with Labyrinthitis and am feeling quite in a spin today,its not nice at all.Love Jill xx

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