Monday 14 February 2011

VALENTINES DAY February 14th 2011

Well I've done it! My first post is finally here! After much procrastinating I at last 'bit the bullet' and put words to paper (or type to cyber-space!). I hope that whoever joins me on my journey through my blogging life will enjoy my musings and perhaps, sometimes, my rants!

As it is Valentines Day I thought I would share with you the loves in my life.

FIRST of all, the person who started it all! Without him there wouldn't be all the other amazing 'loves' in my life. I shall call him Dearest Husband (or D.H for short). I have loved him a long time now and hope to love him forever more. We have had the usual ups and downs, good times, not so good times, happiness and sadness but we are strong together and have managed to overcome any hardships. Thank you D.H, my romantic Valentine! xx

OUR FIRSTBORN, Chris (or Christopher when he was in my 'bad books'), my baby is 30 this year! He amazes me with his zest for life (always has). He is successful in his chosen career but manages to still climb some of the highest and most dangerous mountains in the world! I wish he wouldn't tell me when he is going on these trips!! He is a loving and generous soul. He makes me laugh and always makes me feel special. He makes friends wherever he goes and we are so proud of him. I thank God for giving us such a special boy (man). He is the first of my 'soul' Valentines.

OUR SECOND CHILD, our only girl, Carly. I wished for a girl (there aren't many in our family!), a beautiful, kind and loving daughter. I got my wish and so much more. Yes she is a true beauty but this doesn't only go skin deep, she is a truly beautiful soul. A thoughtful daughter, a loving sister (sometimes bossy to her brothers but hey they need it!), an amazing wife and business woman. Most of all, in the last two years, I have seen her blossom into the best Momma a child could wish for. To see her with her own daughter is wonderful. Thank you again God for blessing us.

OUR THIRD CHILD, Jon (Jonathan, again as before!). From the moment he opened his big blue eyes, 23 years ago, he has given us such joy. He is the comedian (and great big softie) in our family. I can honestly say that there isn't a day that he doesn't make me laugh! He was always difficult to reprimand! The athlete in the family too. Although not very competitive, he could outshine his contemporaries in most sports! He is lovely natured and I thank God for giving him to us.

OUR FOURTH CHILD, our baby! Phil (or Philip, get the theme now?) who is 18. Born 8 weeks premature and weighing only 4lbs he was a little fighter from the start (in a good way). So loving and caring with a strong sense of fairness and justice. A fountain of information (mostly useful), he needs knowledge like a fish needs water! Again, quite a comedian with a dry wit which really appeals to me. It has been wonderful watching him grow into the great young man he is today. Thank you God for sending him to us and keeping him safe.

I would also like to mention our lovely son-in-law, we are so lucky to have him in our lives and that he loves and cares for our daughter so well. He is such a lovely young man.

The dear little soul that makes my heart 'skip a beat' every time we meet! Her cuddles are the best, her kisses the sweetest and when she says my name I melt. She has only been on this earth for 22 months but it is a brighter, sunnier place since she joined us.



From Beyond My Kitchen Window  – (14 February 2011 at 01:20)  

What a wonderful first post. I had to smile reading about your children. I have three children ages 19, 21, 22. All in college presently and all different personalities. Looking forward to many more visits.

Carly  – (14 February 2011 at 09:59)  

Awww what a beautiful post :-) We love you soooo much, you are the best mummy and Grams in the world. Love You lots & lots like Jelly Tots xxx

Susan  – (14 February 2011 at 15:43)  

Dear Annemarie: Congratulations on your first post! How exciting! How nice to "meet" your sweet familhy! You will find blogland to be a most amazing place with awesome people!

I am now Following you and I thank you for following my blog, too. It was so wonderful to see that you were my 180th Follower!

So welcome, welcome, Annemarie, to my blog and to blogland, too! Hope you have a great day today. Susan

AnneMarie  – (14 February 2011 at 17:38)  

Thankyou all for your support, you have made me feel very welcome indeed. xxx AnneMarie xxx

Melinda  – (17 February 2011 at 01:44)  

Congrats and welcome to blogland!
Came over from Gary and Elizabeth's blog.

Have fun and enjoy!


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